PURO TWSIT Reverse Osmosis Water System NSF Approved Gold Seal

PURO TWSIT Reverse Osmosis Water System NSF Approved Gold Seal



  • Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association according to NSF/ANSI 58 - Gold Seal to remove or reduce the following contaminents, Barium, Cadmium, Chlorine, Chromium III, Chromium VI, Copper, Fluoride, Lead, Mercury, Nitrate, Radium, Selenium, TDS (total dissolved solids)
  • Easy to install, even easier to maintain
  • 3/8” Tubing from the tank to the faucet
  • Quick Twist Omnipure filters & membrane
  • Lead Free NSF Air Gap Faucet
  • Compact design fits easily under the kitchen sink area, and can also be installed in the basement!
  • Click here for PDF file version of the PuROTwist Gold System Features Brochure

What's in the box?

  • This is a complete system with installation kit, there is nothing else to purchase. The only other thing you'll need are a few small hand tools and a couple hours of your time.
  • Click here to see a PDF file copy of the full installation manual.


  • # 1 Filter: Omnipure Q5605 - 5 Micron Sediment
  • # 2 Filter: Omnipure Q5633 - Carbon Block
  • # 3 Filter,: Omnipure TQ56-36FC/NSF - 36gpd Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • # 4 Filter: Omnipure Q5633 - Post Carbon GAC
  • NSF Lined Steel 3.2 Gallon Storage Tank
  • Pressure Requirement: 30-100 psi
  • Temperature: 40ºF to 100ºF (4ºC to 38ºC)
  • Can handle up to 2000ppm TDS
  • Part #  PT4000T36-GOLD
  • Made in the USA

Replacement Filters & Membranes:

  • PuROtwist filters should be changed every 6 - 12 months depending on the incoming water conditions and overall usage. Membranes are changed anywhere from 2 to 3 years.
  • Click on the "Related Products" tab above to see the replacement filters and membranes.
  • To keep the NSF rating on the entire system choose TQ56-36FC/NSF for your membrane

PuROTwist 3-Stage 50 GPD TFC Reverse Osmosis System (PT3000T50-SS)

Part No. PT3000T50-SS

Alternate Part No. PT3000T50-SS ND PT3000T50-SS AD

PuROTwist Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems offer the highest of quality and performance standards, high capacity output, automatic shut-off and the user friendly Twist Tap (Omnipure Q-Series) filters. To replace the filters simply twist the used filter off and twist the new filter on. No tools, no buckets, no mess. The PT3000T50-SS is a 3 stage, point-of-use RO system that treats water at 50 gpd. This system features a compact size for simple installation under your sink


  • Flow Rate: Up to 50 Gallons Per Day
  • Application: Point-of-Use
  • Faucet Options: Air Gap or Non-Air Gap Faucet
  • 3.2 Gallon Storage Tank
  • Dimensions: 17"L x 12"W x 4"D
  • 3-year Limited Warranty