Gold Line Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Gold Line Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

GOLDLINE-50 Five Stage 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis System (NSF Certified)

GOLDLINE-50, Five Stage Reverse Osmosis System is designed to produce crystal clean, healthy and contaminants free water for your daily needs. Installed under the kitchen sink the RO System will provide up to 50 gall a day of highest quality and purity water for drinking and cocking. The GOLDLINE-50 RO Filter is Certified by the Water Quality Association  to NSF Standard 58 - Gold Seal.

 The Goldline-50 GPD RO System includes:

  • Stage #1: 5 Micron Sediment Filter (Part number 93023)
  • Stage #2: Carbon Block Filter (Part number 32-250-125-975)
  • Stage #3: Carbon Block Filter (Part number 32-250-125-975)
  • Stage #4: 50 GPD TFC Membrane (Part number 1204694)
  • Stage #5: In Line Postfilter (Part number CL10ROT40-C)
  • 4 Gallons Storage Tank
  • Lead Free Air Gap Faucet
  • Installation Kit (Feed Valve, Drain Connector, Faucet Connector, Tubing)

Condition for Operation:

  • Operating pressure min/max: 30 / 100 psi
  • Temperature: 40ºF to 100ºF (4ºC to 38ºC)
  • pH Range: 3.0-11.0
  • Max supply TDS: 1800 mg/L


  • 3 Years warranty on the GOLDLINE-50
  • 5 year warranty on NSF 3.2 gallon steel storage tank 


  • Filters should be replaced every 6  to 12 months
  • The Reverse Osmosis Membrane should be replaced every two-three years depending on the quality of your water.

Product documentation:

Goldline-50 RO Brochure

Goldline-50 RO Manual