Membranes, Membrane Housings & Accessories

Membranes, Membrane Housings & Accessories

Function of Membranes in Water Purification

Semi-permeable membrane to remove larger particles from drinking water. In this process, an applied pressure is used to overcome osmotic pressure. That is driven by chemical potential, a thermodynamic parameter. Membrane can remove many types of molecules and ions from solutions, including bacteria, and used in production of potable, lab grade & industrial water. The result is that the solute is retained on the pressurized side of the membrane and the pure solvent is allowed to pass to the other side. Membrane should not allow large molecules or ions through the pores, but should allow smaller components of the solution to pass freely.

In the normal process, the solvent naturally moves from an area of low solute concentration through a membrane, to an area of high solute concentration. The movement of a pure solvent is driven to reduce the free energy of the system by equalizing solute concentrations on each side of a membrane, generating osmotic pressure.

Filmtech, G E, Axon, Vontron, CMS & other reverse osmosis (RO) membranes for home drinking water treatment units are the most reliable and consistent elements in the industry. Advanced membrane technology and automated fabrication allow each and every element to tight, pre-defined specifications. Dow’s advanced and consistent RO element quality helps customers deliver systems that reliably provide low impurity drinking water.

Residential Membranes are available in many sizes, from 12 to 150 gallons per day

Culligan, Rain Soft, Hydrotech, Genuine & compatible membranes are also available.


Culligan TFM-18-C15-18 GPD          Culligan TFM-36-A 36 GPD             Culligan TFM-18-A  15-18 GPD    

                  Culligan® Compatible TFM-36A Membrane, 36 gpd                                  

Culligan TFM-18-C15-18 GPD           Culligan TFM-36-A 36 GPD                  Culligan TFM-18-A15-18 GPD        

Old style membrane (two O rings      Part No 1224436, 01-0074-02               Alt. Part Number: ACT-18,

on each side) compatible with           Fits standard membrane housings         AG1812TAR, AG1512TAR,      

H5,H8,H53,H82C & H83                    H8, H83, AC15, and AC30 models.         1224435 (Dbl O-ring one end) 

systems. compatible with                 Culligan 01-0074-02, 01-0001-45,          Culligan TFM-18-A, AG1512TAR

00-4493-72, TFM-18-C                     AG1812TJF, AG1812TJR,                       Culligan Water System

membrane part numbers                 TFM-36-A and AG1512TARW                  TFM-18-A, AG1512TAR 00-4493-72


  Culligan TFM-35 GDP                     Culligan TFM-50A 50 GPD                    Culligan CTA-16C 10-16 GPD

01013026 Culligan Water Filters                                     

  Part Number: 01013026                    Part Number:1224437                            Part Number: 1224433

Water Tower membrane Purple       Culligan compatible TFC membrane      Culligan compatible CTA membrane

 band Genuine Culligan water         TFM-50A 50 GPD fits standard models    model number H5 & H53    

tower replacement membrane         housings H8, H83, AC15 and AC30        Alt. Part Number: CTA-16C,

Culligan Water Tower and               compatible LC50, A/C30/15, H83/         00-4428-45,01-0001-45,

CWT-35 systems provides               H53, 1224437 also as  01-0060-98        M-C1812C10,  1224433 &

35 GOD, Compatible 41402004        01-0060-98, TFM-50A, AG2012TJF         01-0082-56,

                                                     AF2012TJR ,00-4015-33




 Part Number: TFC-RS9-12                 Part Number: TFC-RS9-22                  Part Number: TFC-RS9-12

RAINSOFT® ULTREFINER                    RAINSOFT® ULTREFINER                  RAINSOFT® ULTREFINER               

Compatible membrane fits                  Compatible membrane fits                Compatible membrane fits       

9591, 13016, M-T1810R12                  9568, 9564, 9596, 9596N,                  12447, 9565, 9594, 9772,

12447, 9565, 9594, 9772                    UF22T, UF22, M-T1810R24,                13016, M-T1810R12.

                                                        12446, 12448, 13018, 17374

                                                        21176, UF20.                                                         

 RAINSOFT CTA-RS9-10            CUNO Water Factory LP 40 Module        CUNO Water Factory LP 80 Module




  Part Number: CTA-RS9-10                                Part Number: 66-4307               Part Numer: 66-4311

RainSoft® Ultrefiner Compatible            CUNO Water Factory Membrane            CUNO Water Factory Membrane

Membrane CTA RS9-10 GPD                    40 GPD for  CUNO LP-40                      80 GPD for CUNO LP-80

Fits model number UF-10, 9594,             Reverse osmisis water system              Reverse osmosis water system

9590, 9593, 21173, and                         (discontinued)                                      (discontinued)

M-C1810R10. 9564, 17376, 21173.          Replacement GE TFM-50-CV                 Replacement GE TFM-100-EB

CUNO Water Factory 30/40 TFC25GPD  CUNO Water Factory CTA18GPD     CUNO Water Factory TFC 40GPD

     (66-4506G2) Cuno SQC30/40 TFC Membrane 25 GPD (Countertop RO)                      (66-4506G2) Cuno SQC30/40 TFC Membrane 25 GPD (Countertop RO)                     (66-4506G2) Cuno SQC30/40 TFC Membrane 25 GPD (Countertop RO)

   Part Number: SQC66-4506G2           Part Number SQC66-4603G2                Part Number: SQC 66-4706G2

CUNO Water Factory Membrane           CUNO Water Factory Membrane            CUNO Water Factory Membrane

TFC 25 GPD fits                                 CTA 18 GPD fits                                       TFC 40 GPD fits

CUNO SQC 30/40 Countertop          CUNO SQC 1 under sink                  CUNO SQC 2FH, 3FH, 4HF and 

 reverse osmosis models.              reverse osmosis models.              SQC PRO under sink R O models



  Part Number: 33001071                      Part Number: 41400004                             Part Number: 33001068




    Part Number: 33001033                         Part Number: 41400006                           Part Number: 33001056


                                  104467 Nimbus 

 Part Number: 4100001                           Part Number: 4100002                      Part Number: 104467

Hydrotech 4100001 CTA reverse            Hydrotech 4100002 CTA reverse           Water Maker Mini.

osmosis membrane 9 GPD fits               osmosis membrane 15 GPD fits             20 gallon per day  

model F-HT-9A & HT10303 reverse         HT10304 & F-HT-15A reverse                Flow rate 135 ML per minute

osmosis water sytems. Alternative         osmosis water systems.                        Up to 95% salt rejection

part number S-FS-06. Color coded         Compatible with F-HT-10303                   Compatible with Aqua Wizard

red tap band over blue Wrap.                & F-HT-9A. Color coded yellow                00701

                                                                              tap band over blue wrap.                        

MICROLINE (Clack) S1224RS      MICROLINE (Clack) S1227RS                       MICROLINE (Clack) S1229RS 

           CTA14GPD                             TFC 25GPD                                                  TFC 35-50GPD


   Part Number: S1224RS                   Part Number: S1227RS                       Part Number: S1229RS

Microline CTA 14 GPD membrane     Microline 25 GPD TFC membrane           Microline 35.50 GPD membrane.

(Cellulose Tri-Acetate)                         Replacement S1227RS T112-25             Fits TFC-35A TFC-35S, TFC-335

Replacement S1224RS C112-14     CLKT 112-25 CLK                                         and TFC-435 Reverse osmosis 

CLK  C112-14CLK                                                                                                          water systems.

EcoWater M7150911 TFC 16GPD

(M7150911)EcoWater TFC Membrane16 GPD for RO model:7109897, 7165792, 7165788

   Part Number: M715091

Eco WaterTFC Membrane

16 GDP fits model:7109897,

7165792, 7165788 models.

3M Aqua-Pure AP5500RM TFC 25GDP


        Part Number: 56084-01

3M AQUA Pure TFC Membrane

24 GPD encapsulate module with

check valve & flow control


The predominant removal mechanism in membrane filtration is straining, so the process can theoretically achieve perfect exclusion of particles regardless of operational parameters. Membranes involve a diffusive mechanism, so that separation efficiency is dependent on solute concentration, pressure, and water flux rate. Membrane is most commonly known for its use in drinking water purification from Municipal, well, ground, lake & sea water.