AQUA ONE Ionize & Alkaline Drinking Water Systems

AQUA ONE Ionize & Alkaline Drinking Water Systems

         AQUA ONE Ionize & Alkaline Drinking Water System





  • Pure Fresh Water
  • Essential Minerals
  • Excellent Antioxidant effect
  • Restore body function.
  • Support immune system.
  • Negative IONS
  • Remove acidic waste from body
  • Maximum Synergy effect of emissions of far infrared Rays.
  • Balanced pH 8.5-11
  • Slow aging Process

AQUA ONE Reverse Osmosis Antioxidant and Alkaline Water System is equipped with

  • Total dissolved solids monitor for continued monitoring of water quality.
  • Filter cartridge change reminder device for service & filter cartridges change on time.
  • Manual membrane flushes.
  • Auto membrane flushes (option)

 This state of the art water system is a combination of six different functional filters & devices.

In this 6 stage water system, three pre-filters removes bacteria, viruses, cysts, sediments,  

chemicals, chlorine, and chlorine by products, tannins & volatile organic compounds.

Semi-permeable membrane separation process removes solvent from a solution.

This process removes and rejects up to 99% of the dissolved substances like lead, copper, 

sulfate, barium, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, nickel, radium, arsenic, sodium, calcium, iron,

chloride, bicarbonate, potassium and many others at a time. In next process, water gets

essentials dose of minerals (Calcium, Magnesium & potassium) & antioxidant substance. After

this process, water passes through blend & equalizer filter for balance, taste & quality.


pH   (power of hydrogen)

8.00 – 9.50

ORP (oxygen reduction potential)

50   -     400  mV


(micro/structured cluster)


CA,  K, Mg, NA


100 ppb

Biocare & Aptera Ceramic  Antioxidant Alkaline water filters manufactured from a variety 

of functional ceramic materials which have a special formation with abundant inorganic minerals.

It also functions of adsorption for impurities and harmful heavy metal and helps human

metabolism and natural healing                         

  •  NSF & FDA approved Media
  •  No heavy metals - Hg, Pb, As, Cr, Cd
  •  Filtration media application which reduces Carcinogen (THM) Chloroform
  •  Special elements which are necessary for anti- cancer & diabetes.
  •  Health media application of Mg, Ca that makes ionized alkaline water
  •  BIOCERA has original patents, original technology, and intellectual property for a
  • manufacturing process, equipment, and composition of ceramic balls.

Features and Benefits:

  • Flushes acidic metabolites and toxins from the cellular level
  • Supplies health-sustaining minerals such as Ca, K, Na, Mg to help metabolism
  • Contains smaller water clusters (51.497 Hz) that hydrates the body up to 3 times more
  • effective than normal water.
  • Facilitates nutrients and mineral absorptions efficiently
  • Promotes general well-being by restoring the body and bringing it into balance.
  • Improves the reducing power of water by removing harmful active oxygen (=free radicals)
  • Free radicals cause cancer, diabetes, hypertension and etc.
  • Makes better water taste
  • Increases pH ( power of oxygen) and lowers ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential)


                                    Stressed                                                         Stressed Free








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