All Stainless Steel Antioxidant, Alkaline & Ionized Drinking Water Systems

All Stainless Steel Antioxidant, Alkaline & Ionized Drinking Water Systems




PH 7 is considering natural. If PH is less than 7 It is acidic. If it is greater than 7 it is alkaline.

Our bodies are properly balanced when pH of our blood & fluid remain about 7.5 Proper balance can be achieved when the fluids are alkaline.


Antioxidant: Slow oxidation, aging & reduce acidity.

Hydration:   Balances fluid level in our bodies.

High in PH:  9 to 10 balanced PH levels in blood & body fluids.

Rich in Minerals: Calcium, magnesium & potassium restore the body function, blood pressure, fluid levels & cognitive function.

Negative ORP: (Oxygen reduction potential) protects cell’s free radicals.

Electrolytes: Excess amount of electrons (E-1) small cluster molecules in size from10-12.

tap water molecules are in size from 5-7.

Antioxidant Alkaline Water can act as an essential component in maintaining optimal health because of its potential to neutralize free radicals.

pH   (power of hydrogen)

8.00 – 9.50

ORP (oxygen reduction potential)

50   -     400  mV


(micro/structured cluster)


CA,  K, Mg, NA


100 ppb


       Antioxidant Alkaline Water System All Stainless Steel                                 Antioxidant Alkaline Water Filter Cartridges


Bio Cera & Aptera Ceramic  Antioxidant Alkaline water filters manufactured from a variety of functional ceramic materials which have a special formation with abundant inorganic minerals. It also functions of adsorption for impurities and harmful heavy metal and helps human metabolism and natural healing                         

  •  NSF & FDA approved Media                       
  •  No heavy metals - Hg, Pb, As, Cr, Cd
  •  Filtration media application which reduces Carcinogen (THM) Chloroform
  •  Special elements which are necessary for anti- cancer & diabetes.
  •  Health media application of Mg, Ca that makes Ionized Alkaline Reduction Water
  •  BIOCERA has original patents, original technology and intellectual property for a manufacturing process, equipment and composition of ceramic balls.






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